„The University of Digital Science is a great project, because it gives us the ability to prepare future minds for what is going on in the digital era and especially in Digital Sciences there is a big void in Germany.“
– Alexander Artopé (Founder & CEO smava, UDS Board of Trustees)
„I am really enthusiastic for the project, because we definitely lack of this new thing of teaching and we also lack of talents in this space.“
– Adrian Wons (Director Competence Center Digital Entrepreneurship & Consulting)
„The UDS aims to enable students to understand digital transformation processes and to advance them as professionals and scientists actively. Particular emphasis must be placed on the promotion of logical and structured thinking and acting using analytical methods, including digital competence.“
– Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen (Founding President)
„The UDS has the chance to become the number one innovative incubator to found as many spin-off´s as possible together with the start-up scene, but also with corporate structures and corporate companies.“
– Dr. Christopher Hahn (Director Competence Center for Venture Capital, Law & Finance)
„The UDS is here to fill a gap. The gap we have between a lot of research efforts happening at university level and the need from the industry to apply state-of-the-art technologies and no university so far has filled this gap.“
– Juan Bernabé Moreno (Director Competence Center for Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence)
„After more than 20 years in a leading position at an educational institution, I would like to contribute to adapting the administrative structures and the organisational basis of a university to the digital requirements. The challenges for the educational landscape are also an opportunity to change didactic concepts. For the new digital competences, a university like UDS will provide decisive impulses and innovative approaches.“
– Wulf Wersig (CEO)
„Our concept is called „academia to industry“, that there is an immediate transfer from the science knowledge we gain to transfer that into organisations.“
– Frank Pörschmann (Director Competence Center for Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence)
„The University of Digital Science is so important because it brings together new topics of the future and existing topics, in research topics and also in the practical relevance. And that is super exciting, because that will also be the future, that you just have to market digital business processes very quickly, because the pressure in the time is much higher and you can do that at a new university of course much better.“
– Dr. René Beckert (Director Competence Center for Future & Innovation)
„With this new idea of research and teaching, UDS gives you a chance not only to be part of the future now but also to help shape it.“
– Prof. Michael Rotert (University Council)
„We need a new university with a fresh approach, get rid of outdated stuff, think fresh - and that is best to be done with a clean sheet approach.“
– Dr. Rainer Lenz (Board of Trustees)
„Digital competence is more than just media and application competence. It will undoubtedly be a central component of our future economic growth and will determine our innovative strength and competitiveness in a global comparison. In addition to an efficient digital infrastructure, we also need education in Germany that is consistently geared to the digitized world of business and work, such as that offered by the University of Digital Science.“
– Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich (University Council)
„What we are experiencing now, with the immersion in the quantum world, in cyberspace, is a really new, great adventure of humanity. This will fundamentally change a lot and fundamentally improve a lot from my perspective and UDS is in my view an incubator for explorers, who set out to discover the digital world and new territory, and we at the UDS provide these discoverers with the necessary tools.“
– Thomas Oehring (Chairman Board of Trustees)
„In my opinion, the UDS is a university, that addresses a topic, that is highly relevant to our present and future, where i believe that psychological expertise can make an important contribution. It is an University, founded on an extremely exciting topic, where specialists from very different diciplines, who can contribute, can come together and i assume that tremendously interesting synergies will arise.“
– Elke van der Meer (Director Competence Center for Embedded Communication & Emotion)
„Digital Science is both a philosophy about the penetration, networking, and primacy of digital media and their intelligent nodes in human society - and the generation of the necessary knowledge about their technical development parameters, steps, and possibilities.“
– Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen (Founding President)
„I think it is very important, that we have a university like the UDS here in Berlin, because it helps us to create a better eco system, attract more talents from all over the world to help us to build a great community and also great companies.“
– Alexander Franke (Board of Trustees)
„I am driven to support the UDS because people have to be prepared for the changes that are taking place during this time, and i do not see many adequate offers to provide the right people who are actively involved in these processes with the right tools.“
– Elmar Hoff (Board of Trustees)
„New developments need new ideas and concepts of the learning approach and the ability to recognize future opportunities - the UDS offers you the chance to be part of that future.“
– Prof. Michael Rotert (University Council)
„I would like to be the first student of this university, because even as a teacher you have the chance to learn such a great thing of new things from all the other colleagues. That is the impact to join this university.“
– Dr. Wolf Siegert (Director Competence Center for Cultural Development & Digital Art)
„There is urgent need in enhancing skills as well as knowledge with regard to digitization in overall society. The mission is to help to improve that.“
– Dr. Klaus Radermacher (Board of Trustees)
„It is the task of the university to take into account the particularities of people and to make optimum use of their talents and abilities, regardless of educational background, gender, social or ethnic origin.“
– Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen (Founding President)
„The question would be like, why don´t we have a digital university yet?“
– Dr. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche (Board of Trustees)
„The UDS enables us to recognize the opportunities of digitization at an early stage through a correspondingly diversified range of courses - from technology to art and culture, and of course in close cooperation with industry and other participants in digital development.“
– Prof. Michael Rotert (University Council)
„Especially the UDS promises to reunite with the approaches that people have come up with there an approach to the digital world that was not there for me yet. The UDS is a place where several questions are solved at the same time, together, and not just individual aspects of digitization, but just those whole, also for me interesting, cultural aspects of course, everything is questioned. The UDS is the only university that does and wants to do this.“
– Dr. Marcus Doering (Board of Trustees)
„The aim is to create a center point of creativity in this dimension, that people really want to get together, sit together and discussing things and using the different technology and if you are able to create this with the most amazing space, that is the point, let´s do it in Berlin, of course.“
– Dr. Alexander Rieck (Board of Trustees)
„The core of digital science is digital space as a technical, social, economic and political medium.“
– Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen (Founding President)
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